Humanities Council Policy on Grants for Campus Speakers and Events

The Humanities Council funding originates in the Deans' Office and Academic Affairs. As such, the Humanities Council will grant funds to campus organizations and events only in certain circumstances. Due to the limits and constraints on the Humanities Council, which is neither a center nor a department, the total amount available for non-Humanities Council sponsored events are not to exceed 10% of the total operating budget of the Humanities Council yearly.

The Humanities Council will consider granting funds for applications that support its mission "to enhance support for and recognition of Humanities scholarship throughout the University and to encourage interdisciplinary research and communication among scholars from different areas of expertise." Projects and/or speakers that are related to the thematic foci of recent or future Humanities Council events will be given priority. Applications for this funding are competitive and will be granted based on the following guidelines:

  1. Describe the project indicating in what ways the project is interdisciplinary and will enhance the presence of the humanities on campus.
  2. Indicate what other agencies, departments and/or centers on campus are contributing to the event.

Please submit these grant requests to the Humanities Council Coordinator. The Council meets once a month and will consider these requests at its meetings.