Warm Up With The Humanities: A Celebration of New Faculty Research

Friday, Feb. 22, 2019
1 - 4 p.m.
Belk Library and Information Commons, Room 421

 Warm Up With the Humanities Winter flyer

Warm Up With The Humanities will take place on Feb. 22 from 1 to 4 p.m. in Belk Library and Information Commons, Room 421. The event features a number of new faculty who will present on their research.

The Humanities Council works to enhance support for and recognition of Humanities scholarship throughout the University and to encourage interdisciplinary research and communication among scholars from different areas of expertise. Through its varied programming initiatives, the Humanities Council aims to promote understanding of work in the Humanities, its relationship to other fields of inquiry and the important role it plays at our university and in our world.


Event Schedule:

Opening Welcome


1:00 p.m.  Research Cluster Presentation

“Places of Memory”
Mira Waits and Eli Bentor, Department of Art, College of Fine & Applied Arts


1:30 p.m.  3MR (Three Minute Research) Presentation     

“Creating Inclusive Campus Cultures”
Stacey Garrett, Leadership and Education Studies, Reich College of Education

1:45 p.m.   Research Cluster Presentation

“Sustainability and Creative Practice”
Rebecca Witter, Sustainable Development and Jim Toub, Department of Art, College of Fine & Applied Arts


2:15 p.m.   Break (Refreshments Provided)


2:30 p.m.   Research Cluster Presentation

“Creating Pathways for Inclusion”
Theresa Redmond, Curriculum and Instruction, Reich College of Education


3:00 p.m.    3MR (Three Minute Research) Presentation

“A Brotherhood with One Sister:  A Collective Case Study: Women Conductors of College Men’s Choirs”
Meg Stohlmann, Hayes School of Music


3:15 p.m.   Traditional Research Presentation

“Theatre as Method:  Performance Creation in Qualitative Inquiry”
Gina L. Grandi, Department of Theatre and Dance, College of Fine & Applied Arts


3:30 p.m.   Traditional Research Presentation

“Ultra-Efficient Organic Synthesis:  Revolutionizing Antiquated Practices”
Nicholas Shaw, Department of Chemistry and Fermentation Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences


4:00 p.m.  Closing Conversations (Refreshments Provided)



About the Humanities Council
Appalachian State University’s Humanities Council provides interdisciplinary opportunities and events on campus throughout the year, promoting the importance of the humanities in relationship to other fields.


About the College of Arts and Sciences
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